Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds
Roman Blinds offer elegance and warmth to a window as well as a full coverage and privacy. supply a range of modern designs, neutral and contemporary fabrics suitable for your Roman Blind with the pleats neatly folding and falling to the desired drops of your choice.

Roman Blind option 1 is a flat soft Roman, a compact and simple solution. Roman Blind 2 is more robust with rods shaping the pleats and a lining provided when required to block out unwanted light and to make your bedroom or living room really cosy.

Choose from our Roman blind fabric selection below all made in the UK. Delivery lead time 20 working days.

First, please select a colour:

  • Chelmsford Linen

  • Everest Natural

  • Himalaya Natural

  • Hastings Copper

  • Zurich Sand

  • Adalaide Natural

  • Nassau Natural

  • Auckland Champagne

  • Metro Diamond Mushroom

  • Wellington Green

  • Sweet Briar Powder Blue

  • Basel Sand

  • Sweet Biar Onyx

  • Passion Flower Taupe

  • Remembrandt Chocolate

  • Dunedin Green

  • Limoges Wine

  • Rhapsody Onyx

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